Hello, my name is Jonah Katz. I enjoy developing apps and websites.


Rate My Apartments UCF - Rate My Apartments helps college students in the Orlando area review and find the apartment complex that's right for them.

Subbox - Subbox is an iOS app that delivers videos youtube fans want to see.

Ptala - Ptala places prime-time location advertisements for companies such as Nintendo, Nest and Tropicana at locations such as Union Station and Faneuil Hall. Ptala requested a website that reflects the magnificant events and promotions they offer.

Jobs Held

Allogy Interactive - Allogy assists hospitals to deploy mHealth solutions by providing them with a BaaS to manage their apps and ease app developers to field applications that are compatible with the hospital's requirements.

Department of Pathology at Columbia University - Helped develop applications to assist in the day-to-day operations and employee management.

Dormduels - Developed a full stack, feature rich social media application.